Kepler 452b – to a new world

It is the year 2015 and future looks bleak. World population is growing at an ever increasing rate and the resources of planet earth are nearly depleted.
With the invention of steam engines and the dawn of the industrial age mankind did their best to exploit and destroy their homeworld planet earth.
Millions of square kilometers of forests have been cut down, countless species of animals
and plants became extinct and their habitats have been destroyed.
The scientific community agrees: Pollution and climate change will make our home uninhabitable in the foreseeable future.
Mankind needs a new home.

For years, the best minds and most talented researchers were working meticulously on a
solution. With huge telescope they searched the sky and dozens of unmanned probes roam the galaxy in search of earth-like planets that could offer us a new home.

Finally after years of fear and hope a weak signal of probe Rover VCP-PY-2015 reaches
earth from deep space. Sensor data indicates an earth like planet offering water breathable air and alien lifeforms. The catalog name of the planet – Kepler 452b.
Boosted by hopes the best rocket scientists of all nations have been working on a spacecraft to take a first expedition group of nearly 800 people on the long and dangerous journey.The demands on the members of the expedition are enormous: In addition to physical fitness and extraordinary intelligence participants also need to bring courage, team spirit and a good dose of love of adventure to cope with the diverse demands of the arduous journey.
The heads of state of all nations are quick to agree that there is only one group of people
who are up to the task: Guides and Scouts.
With all possible speed a troop of guides and scouts from all around the world is assembled who are now the best hope of mankind.

Mission Control is searching for suitable candidates who are willing to go on this adventure in summer 2016
The name of the mission: Kepler 452b – to a new world.